Angels and Communication

By Justin Murphy,

Angel by Abbott Handerson Thayer (1887)


How the visible world hangs together.

It is fashionable to talk of angels today, yet most people do not understand angels.

Neither "schizzed" nor "chopped," angels are the negentropic relays that miraculously uphold the visible world.

How does the physical universe hold together? Why do the laws of physics happen to be true? The short answer is that angels relay messages from every thing to every other thing.

"Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel." —Augustine

Angels are the opposite of schizzed and chopped: Angels (ἄγγελος) are messengers. They connect, rather than disconnect.

Technically, a message is a signal transmitted from one party to another, through a noisy channel. Negentropy, not entropy.

The Mathematical Theory of Communication (Shannon 1948)

Angels are light and day, not dark and night; angels illuminate.

In The City of God, Augustine says:

"If the angels are included in the works of God during [the first six days], they are that light which was called day."

Obscurity and entropy are worldly, not angelic. In the Letter of Genesis, Augustine explains that Heaven refers to the incorporeal space of angelic spirits, whereas Earth refers to "the invisible, unstructured, and abysmally dark incompleteness of the bodily mass from which things existing in time were to come."

Bitcoin, insofar as it was the first to solve, practically, the Byzantine Generals Problem, is the angelic circuit par excellence. The problem of double-spending was a problem of false messaging. Bitcoin is a system that forces all nodes to broadcast the one true message about the chain's state.

On Angelicism
On becoming imperceptible rather than illegible.

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Those who traffic in obscurity and entropy—pridefully considering themselves better than the simple illumination of unchanging truth—are the demons and devils, fallen angels.

Peter the Apostle said (2 Peter 2:4) that some angels sinned and were thrust down to the lowest parts of this world; they are called 'darkness.'

If you wish to be angelic, all you have to do is express the truth clearly and humbly. Partake in the eternal light of the one and only unchangeable truth.

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