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My Urbit Cheatsheet

Dojo commands I need to recall every so often.

Obtain a ship

Boot a ship

./urbit -w <ship name> -G <key> -c <name your pier something>

Note there is no tilda (~) before the ship name.

./urbit -w hatryx-lastud -G XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -c myship
xxx = key

Install a new app

|install ~<developer ship name> %<app name>

|install ~mirler-dozzod-talwet %expo

Search your own history

Install %graph-query

In the web terminal, enter:

|link %graph-query-cli



Then the number of the group you want to search, say 52.


Then the term you want to search for


This will give you all the times


:: Debugging

:pipe +dbug

:switchboard +dbug
:switchboard +dbug state+'by-plugin'
:switchboard +dbug state+'by-binding'
:switchboard +dbug state+'(~(run by sites) |=([b=binding:eyre p=(map path *)] [b ~(key by p)]))'

:mailer +dbug
:mailer +dbug state+'-.-'
:mailer +dbug state+'~(key by ml)'
:mailer +dbug state+'~(get by ml) %review)'

:: save all the emails on a list

=var1 ~(key by (need .^((unit (map @t *)) %gx /=mailer=/list/[listname]/noun)))

:: add those emails to a list

:mailer &mailer-action [%add-recipients %listname var1 %.y]

:: delete a list

:mailer &mailer-action [%del-list %listname]


Get a memory report.


The last line will be "sweep," showing total usage. GB/1.401.894.336 means 1.4 GB.


If you open Urbit and see a blank screen (no app tiles), try running:

:docket [%kick %garden]

Access your ship from multiple computers or host your own groups

You'll need to get your planet hosted.

If you know you want to be more active on urbit over the long term, you may choose to get it hosted instead. A hosted planet means it runs 24/7 in the cloud, and instead of using Port, you have a permanent URL where you can log into your ship from any number of machines you want. Having a hosted planet also means you can create and host groups on your ship (you can't do that while using Port because your group members need your ship to be running at all times or they can't communicate).

Choose your own planet

If you want a cool planet name I can sell you one from ~ripwet.

You can browse your options at

Just email me at

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