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Tour stop in Raleigh, North Carolina this Thursday May 16

2 min

Currently in the mountains of western North Carolina, I’m looking to buy an old broken down house somewhere for like $50k but I need to test Wifi quality first...

On Thursday we’ll be passing through Raleigh on a gracious invitation from @nicholatian and @resonanceknight.

This will now be my second “tour stop,” after the first one I did in London. At the London event, about 20 people came out. I can’t imagine many of you reading this happen to be in Raleigh, so I suspect this will be a very small meet up; but if you happen to be in the area, I would love to meet you. I know that Jacob @cryptochamomile — will be joining us, as he’s on his own road trip and just happens to be in the area that day.

Any and all are welcome, please just message me or reply or DM or whatever — so I can make sure we find you.

We’ll be meeting at Morgan Street Food Hall on Thursday May 16 at 3pm.

By the way, if you’ve invited me somewhere between NJ and NC, and you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me… It’s nothing personal, I promise. In my post-academia transition, I just need to balance a lot of things: staying intellectually focused and not losing my mind and powers in an over-socialized haze; I have some handsomely paid freelance work already and I’m learning how to handle that; keeping my wife happy and making sure that our post-academia life is genuinely more relaxed and healthy than it was in academia (as I promised it would be), etc. All this means is that the “tour” idea was never going to be some super aggressive non-stop thing. The idea is just to stop periodically, on our travels, if the time and place is right. And over a long enough time span, I can still make a visit to every single place I’ve been invited! I am probably going to travel a lot over the next couple of years, so if it seems like I’m passing over your invitation, I could very well loop back there. I had a few invites in the Baltimore / DC area, for instance, and we decided not to stop there even though we passed right through, and that was just because we were really cooped up after a long stay with my family, we did a lot of socializing on our way out of London, and we were itching to get into the mountains. But I’ll almost certainly pass through there again, and maybe that will be a better time to stop there. I’m sure you understand. Just wanted to clarify my thought process so nobody thinks I’m ignoring or declining their gracious invitations…

And by the way I’m still open to invitations. I keep a list and will try to make all of them sooner or later.

After Raleigh we head to Florida, with enough time to probably just make one stop somewhere in SC or GA.


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