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"Insanely Bullish" on Urbit with Uqbar Founder ~timluc-miptev

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On liberating software from SaaS and building an integrated execution environment for off-chain and on-chain computing.

Today I want to share some highlights from a recent episode of the Other Life podcast, "Insanely Bullish" on Urbit With Uqbar Founder ~timluc-miptev.

~timluc-miptev is a top Urbit engineer and founder of Uqbar, a zero-knowledge ETH Layer 2 built on Urbit.

Timluc is one of the highest-conviction Urbit bulls in the world. We talked about why he has so much confidence in Urbit, what people misunderstand about Urbit, why he went from believing in BTC to ETH, and what he learned about crypto living in Ukraine when the war broke out.

Here are some highlights:

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"Insanely Bullish" on Urbit With Uqbar Founder ~timluc-miptev (Youtube / Podcast)


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