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If You Build It Correctly, God Will Come To Dwell

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"What kind of demon lives in Microsoft Word?"

The Other Life podcast had its biggest month in May. We're still pretty underground—growing the podcast has never been a focus—but we're seeing a little liftoff with 18k downloads in May. Thanks for listening and sharing with your friends.

Today, I want to share some highlights from the latest episode, Software as Soulcraft and the Metaphysics of Engineering (#193).

Neal Davis is a professor of computer science, a PhD in Nuclear Engineering, and director of Urbit's Hoon School.

Here are some highlights for your lunch break:

Listen to the whole episode on the Other Life podcast—you can find it anywhere you get your podcasts.

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Other Life #193: Software as Soulcraft and the Metaphysics of Engineering with Neal Davis (Youtube / Podcast)


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